Global Coalition on Migration (GCM) Reflections on the September 19 Outcome Documents: Most of the work is yet to be done, and States need to act now

Statement: GCM Reflections on the September 19 Outcome Documents

Or view the statement as PDF: GCM-Statement-9-19-Outcome-Document

Don’t Lower the Bar on Children’s Rights: End the Detention of Migrant Children!

Statement: End Child Detention of Global Coalition on Migration

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General Assembly decision makes International Organization for Migration part of UN system

25 July 2016 – The United Nations General Assembly today unanimously adopted a resolution approving an agreement to make the International Organization for Migration (IOM) part of the UN system as a related organization.

19 September 2016 – High Level Summit to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants

In June 2016, the Global Coalition on Migration (GCM) — representing a broad, global, multi-sectoral coalition of civil society organizations supporting migrants’ rights and rights-based migration governance — submitted a civil society perspective on important considerations for the 19 September 2016, High Level Summit to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants.

On 16 July, a second draft of the Global Compact for Refugees was released by the co-facilitators of the Summit on Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, Ireland and Jordan. It is expected that this Compact will accompany the Political Declaration from the Summit as an annex.

You can read the new version of the Second draft of the Outcome document for the 19 September Summit here:

High-Level Meeting on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants (12 July)

Over 100 NGOs to European Council: don’t try to curb migration at the expense “of fundamental values and human rights”

“The European Union is set to open a dark chapter in its history unless it rejects the European

Commission’s proposal on migration, a coalition of more than 100 NGOs warned on Monday.

Shifting towards a foreign policy that serves the single objective of curbing migration, the EU

and its member states risk further undermining their credibility and authority in the defence

of human rights, the organizations say. They call on European leaders to reject the

Commission proposal that would cement this approach, making deterrence and return of

people the main objective of the EU’s relationship with third countries.”

Full article: Reject dangerous migration response plan, more than 100 NGOs tell EU leaders (ECRE,

See the statement: Joint NGO statement ahead of the European Council of 28-29 June 2016: NGOs strongly condemn new EU policies to contain migration (eu-joint-ngo-letter-reject-migration-proposals-6-16):

The proposals in question are those announced by the European Commission in early June, which call for a “new results-oriented Partnership Framework to mobilise and focus EU action and resources in our external work on managing migration”

See: New proposals on migration: “partnerships” with third countries, Blue Card reform, integration plan

(Statewatch News Online,

TMP European Seminar

Strengthening alliances toward Social Justice, Migrant & Refugee Rights, and Solidarity in the EU, September 2016



From the 23rd to 25th September 2016, various organizations from 16 different countries came together in Amsterdam – at the International Institute for Research and Education – in order to share experiences in working for migrant and refugee rights, especially in the context of the restrictive governmental approaches. We have reached out to diverse experts from the field of migration, anti-racism and islamophobia – amongst our speakers were Dr. Ineke Van der Valk, Monami Maulik, Brid Brennan, Patrick Taran, Don Flynn and Colin Rajah. Besides their inputs, every single participant had his/her say in the event and we are glad that all of us could expand our view of the situation.

By forming a new kind of alliance, we were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our efforts up to now.  Our respective organizations are growing stronger and our voice will be even louder! The TMP Alliance is a collective of more than 60 different organizations.

As European Alliance, we call on governments and citizens to promote solidarity and a sense of co-responsibility when it comes to the structuring and construction of democratic societies. This goes hand in hand with a zero tolerance policy of racism and discrimination. From now on, we will converge our movements to increase our impact on a European level. Migrant Rights are Human Rights!
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