Asia Europe Peoples Forum (AEPF 13): Migrant & Refugee Peoples in Asia & Europe: Rights and Realities-Strategies and Reflections


Saturday, May 22,  2021

Amsterdam 12:30 – 14:00 pm (CET),  Manila 6:30 PM (PST), New Delhi 4:00 (IST)

During the AEPF 13, an Open Space on the  Migrant and Refugee Peoples in Europe and Asia:  Rights and Realities – Reflections and Strategies is being co-organised by: Mrinal Gore Interactive Center for Social Justice & Peace in South Asia, SENTRO Trade Union-Philippines in South East Asia (transnational migrant domestic workers organising in HongKong, Quatar etc); Waling-Waling Justice 4 All Migrants, Migreurop, Transnational Migrant Platform-Europe (TMP-E) and the Transnational Institute (TNI).  

The Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples is an important cross-cutting and core political agenda in both regions. In both Asia and Europe, there are  sites of mass forced displacement caused by impoverishment, climate change and war, as well as by the global re-structuring of labor. The mass violations of the rights of migrants and refugees are well documented as well as their struggle to re-claim their rights.

In this Open Space, we aim to share the main developments that are impacting on the working and living conditions of migrants  and refugees in each region, as well as the strategies that are shaping the migrant and refugee response.

The overall objective is to contribute to buid a new human rights based narrative and to strengthen transnational o=solidarity

The Open Space is formatted as a Round Table


12.30pm – 12.35pmWelcome Al

Nasreen Contractor (MRINAL GORE Center) & Brid Brennan, Corporate Power and Global Economic Justice Programme, Transnational Institute

Part 1: 12.35pm – 12.45pm

What are the “crises” facing migrant and refugee peoples in each region and what needs to be done to protect the rights of refugees & migrants?

Overview from Europe, South East Asia & South Asia

Moderator: Nasreen Contractor

1. Europe: Brigitte Espuche, Migreurop

2. South East Asia: Josua Mata, General Secretary SENTRO Trade Union, Philippines

3. South Asia: Ranabir Samaddar, Political Scientist,  Chair at Migration & Forced Migration Studies at Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group

12.45pm-13.00 Initial Respondents: South Asia: Babloo Loitongham & Nalini Ratanraja, South East Asia: Liezel Galdo of AMMPO-Malaysia,  Europe: Nonoi Hacbang (Chair CFMW-Platform of Filipino Migrant Organisations in Europe) and Debbie Valencia  MELISSA-Refugee Women Center/ Greece.

Open discussion

Part 2: 13.00 pm–13.15pm

What strategies are being implemented to realize measures to protect refugees & migrant workers’ rights at different levels? How can/should we involve civil society and engage with the governments?

Moderator: Brid Brennan

1.South Asia: Kavya Bharadkar, Lawyer and Political Analyst,Aajeevika Bureau,  Udaipur, India

2. South East Asia: Shiela Estrada, Progressive Labour Union-Domestic Workers, HongKong

3. Europe: Jille Belisario, Transnational Migrant Platform-Europe (TMP-E)                                           

13.15-13.40 Initial Respondants (2 mins): South Asia: Vibhuti Patel, South East Asia: Mary Ann Abunda of Sandigan Kuwait;  Europe:, Angie Garcia, Waling-Waling Justice 4 All Migrants; Petra Snelders, Feminist activist, RESPECT Network Europe.

Open discussion

13.40pm – 14.00pmNext Steps – Ways Forward

What Actions – Towards cross regional Networking & Mobilisation & Building a Global Pact of Solidarity?

Carlos Marentes, Border Agricultural Workers Project USA–México, Member of the International Coordinating Committee of La Vía Campesina and of the International Collective on Migration and Waged Workers

Open Discussion

Conclusion  and Wrap Up



Sunday, May 23

11.30-113.00 London, 12.30-14.00 Brussels, Manila

Open Space activity on Migration post-Covid and the growing threat of anti-Asian racism in Europe [More information]