TMP-E marking the International Day of Struggle for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with the World March of Women

On the International Day of Struggle for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – For the Defend of our Bodies, Labor, Lands and Ocean✊🏼 While the occupying Israeli forces continue to commit genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, demolishing homes, lands, and livelihoods with the world as a spectator, the World March of Women continues to raise its voices against all […]

[Communique] From Melilla to Ciudad Juárez: It is urgent to build together transnational solidarity for the Human Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples

[March 31, 2023] We have received the latest news and Statement of La Via Campesina-North America on the horrific death by fire of 39 migrants on March 27, in the Migrant detention center of the Mexican National Migration Institute (INM) in Ciudad Juárez on the Mexico-US border with El Paso. The migrants, mainly from Central […]

Let us continue to build a pact of solidarity towards more convergence and for a just transition in 2023

For an immediate end to the repressive border regime and the implementation of dignified and egalitarian migration policies – 18 December – Joint statement on the occasion of International Migrants’ Day

We, organisations, collectives and networks committed to the rights of migrant persons and having taken part in the transnational meetings and mobilisations of the March to Brussels, publish this joint communiqué on the occasion of the International Migrants Day. On 18 December, we will demonstrate again globally on International Migrants Day, against a global trend […]

Joining the struggle for Climate Justice. COP 27: The Climate Crisis, Migrant and Refugee people

It is necessary to keep pressuring our governments – to take that decisive action – we invite you to add your signature to the Sign-On Statement: Stop Funding Climate Disaster. Big Bankers are part of the problem, not the solution. [EN] [ES] [FR] [DE] Please, spread the Sign-On Statement and join […]

[EN/ES/FR] Massacre of Migrant and Refugee people at Europe-Africa border (Communique working group of the 45th session Permanent Peoples Tribunal)

In solidarity with the family of those who have died at the borders of Melilla on June 24 2022 and with those organizing the actions on July 1 in Rabat and in Melilla This massacre in Melilla of 29 persons on Friday June 24th is the latest most visible instance of the unacceptability of Europe’s […]

[EN/ES/FR] Full Human Rights Protection for all displaced peoples fleeing the war in Ukraine and an end to selective racist discrimination at EU borders! (TMP-E Communique)

Marking Anti-Racism day, March 21, 2022 The EU Temporary Protection Directive (TMD), originally agreed in 2001 was activated for the first time on March 3, 2022, with claims to give full protection to all fleeing the war in Ukraine. This is to be welcomed in the face of the unprecedented number of forcibly displaced people […]

[PUBLICATION] Building a New Narrative, Migrant and Refugee Peoples: Convergence of Voices and Journeys

This publication, Building a New Narrative, Migrant and Refugee Peoples: Convergence of Voices and Journeys, brings together diverse and distinct elements in the construction of a new Narrative on Migrant and Refugee Peoples. It is the narrative that is being written in the lives and work of migrants and refugees and in their strategies and […]


The #MORIA Camp on #Lesvos island was still smouldering from its devastating fire when the #EU Pact on #Migration and #Asylum was published. We refuse this EU Pact and the #necropolitics of #racist exclusion which it represents in the name of Europe’s security. We call for an end to camps, detention and borders, and inhuman […]

Press Release-Berlin

Human rights tribunal in Berlin (October 23-25) Migration and asylum policies of the German government and the EU violate fundamental human rights including the right to health The current migration and asylum policies of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU seriously violate the right to health and the physical and psychological integrity of […]