Hostile Environments and Struggles for Justice

9th of November a stakeholder conference will be held on Hostile Environments and Struggles for Justice to discuss common injustices faced by migrants and citizens in the UK., organised by co-convenors of the of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal session on the Human Rights of Migrants (London, 3-4 November 2018), Waling Waling and the research project ‘ETHOS – Toward an empirically informed theory of justice and fairness’. 

The conference will culminate in a common statement on ending Hostile Environments in and beyond migration policy. The conference will also present the book “How the hostile environment creates sites without rights”  , which presents the various evidence presented to the London Hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on the violations with impunity on the rights of migrants and refugees.

Since Theresa May’s pledge in 2012 to create a ‘really hostile environment’ for migrants, the politics of exclusion and austerity has made the United Kingdom an increasingly hostile place to live for citizens as well. By bringing together migrant rights activists and other groups seeking to create a more just world, this event will highlight the connections between different struggles and promote more inclusive and effective political action. It will also consider how academic institutions such as Migration Mobilities Bristol can be mobilised to support these struggles.

Hostile Environments and Struggles for Justice
Sat, 9 November 2019 09:30 – 17:00
St Ethelburga’s Centre, 78 Bishopsgate
London EC2N 4AG  United Kingdom

PPT London

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