Agreement on an international pact of solidarity and unity of action for the full rights of all migrants and refugees

The People’s Summit for a Global Pact of Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees, women and men, celebrated in Marrakech December 8th and 9th of 2018, hosted by La Via Campesina and its member organizations of the Middle East and North Africa (MeNa) Process, specifically Morocco’s National Federation of the Agricultural Sector (FNSA), along with the Moroccan Human Rights Association (AMDH), The Maghreb Coordination of Human Rights Organisations (CMODH) and the Platform of Sub-Saharan Associations and Communities (P. ASCOMS), as well as AlarmPhone and many other movements and communities, announce our proposal to agree upon an International Pact of Solidarity and Unity of Action for the Full Rights of All Migrants and Refugees, women and men, based on the following considerations:

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Marrakech, Sunday, December 9, 2018
Social movements and signatory organisations:

  • La Via Campesina
  • Association Marocaine des Droits humains
  • Coordination Maghrébine des Organisations des Droits Humains
  • Plate forme des Associations et Communautés Sub-sahariennes au Maroc
  • Alarm Phone Maroc
  • Alarm Phone Sahara
  • Conseil des Migrants Subsahariens au Maroc
  • Collectif des Femmes Migrantes au Maroc
  • Afrique Europe Interact
  • Communauté Congolaise au Maroc
  • Transnational Migrant Platform Europe
  • Transnational Institute
  • Association des Refoulés d’Afrique Centrale au Mali
  • Association pour la Défense des Emigrés Maliens
  • Association Lumière sur l’Emigration au Maroc

Pour signer la déclaration et les requêtes de presse :
Arabe :
Torkia Chaibi : [email protected] 0021693116634
Mohamed Hakach : [email protected] 00212691008705
English :
Carlos Merentes : [email protected] 001915873893
Français & Español :
Federico Pacheco : [email protected] 0034690651046
Cristina Brovia : [email protected] 00393776840085

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