V Maghreb Social Forum on Migration – Justice for the Massacre of Melilla-Nador

The fifth Maghreb Social Forum on Migration was held on 23, 24 and 25 June 2023 in the city of Nador, Morocco, under the slogan: “Never again “Barrio Chino”, For a Maghreb free of hatred, xenophobia and racism”. This event follows on from those held in Brussels (2010), Oujda (2012), Monastir (2014) and Tangiers (2016).

The choice of venue and dates is linked to the tragic events and particularly cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment suffered by migrants on 24 June 2022 at the Barrio Chino border crossing between Nador and Melilla.

Three main themes were discussed:

– The tragedy suffered by migrants on 24 June 2022 at the Barrio Chino border crossing.

– The fight against hate speech, xenophobia and racism, and the state of play regarding violations of migrants’ rights by both the Maghreb authorities and EU governments. 

– Migration policies of the European Union and the Maghreb states. 

As in previous editions, this Forum was above all dedicated to migrants, who had the floor to raise their profile in the Maghreb. It has also been a time for inclusion, exchange, coordination and preparation of joint actions, and evaluation of migration policies in the Maghreb context.

On 24 June, Caravana Migrante organised a March denouncing the Massacre.TMP-E joins the demand for Justice for the persons who died in the Massacre of Melilla, for their families and loved ones and for the freedom for the 78 people being held in prison under 2-3 years sentences!

Justice for Melilla migrant and refugee people – End impunity of Spanish and Moroccan authorities and the necropolitics of militarized Fortress Europe! 👊👊👊