Africa Roots Movement

The African Roots Movement focuses on integration, migrant rights, community-police dialogue, and development with members of the African community in the Netherlands.

Commission For Filipino Migrant Workers (CFMW)

CFMW was established in 1979, by a number of Concerned Filipina/os and religious Missionaries from Europe, as a response to the massive out-migration of Filipinos from the Philippines which was intensified under the economic and political conditions of the Marcos dictatorship. CFMW was established as a foundation to develop appropriate rogrammes and services in response to the various needs of the overseas Filipino community, thus building a “partnership of development” in Europe and in the Philippines. CFMW aims to develop an empowered migrant community where Filipinos and Filipinas are confident in representing their realities and struggles, are able to rally the organised strength of their community and capable of harnessing support from the international community. We aim to develop migrant empowerment through self-organisation, education and campaigns for migrant rights, gender equality and welfare. In promoting linkages, solidaIrity and in a spirit of co-operation and partnership with other migrant communities CFMW fights against racism and discrimination.

Kromantse Foundation (Ghana)

The Kromantse Foundation is a multidisciplinary team based in Netherlands who also operate locally in Cape Coast, Ghana. The foundation integrates good practices towards community development with projects focus on eco – farming, training opportunities for youth, jobs and food security for farmers in remote areas, empowering women groups through entrepreneurship and initiating projects for children in education and feeding programmes. In the Netherlands the Kromantse Foundation works as a member of TMP to actively promote the rights of migrants and their families.

RESPECT Network 

The RESPECT Network was developed in 1998 as a European network of Migrant Domestic Workers(MDW) organisations, migrant rights support organisations, Trade Unions and individual national, EU and international level. It facilitates the sharing of experiences and expertise in campaigning, organising, lobbying, research and information dissemination. The network has combined national campaigns and international networking and achievements include:

  •  giving visibility to MDW working and living conditions in Europe;
  •  placing the rights of MDWs on the political agenda in Europe and internationally; c)successful regularisation campaigns in a number of EU countries – Greece, Spain, Italy and the UK.

Social Development Cooperative (Ghana)

SDC works on a number of initiatives related to migrants and migration, migrant rights and sustainable development both in the Netherlands and in Ghana & Central African Republic.

Transnational Institute (TNI)

TNI was established in 1974 as an international network of activist  researchers (“scholar  activists”) committed to critical analyses of the global problems of today and tomorrow. It aims to provide intellectual support to movements struggling for a more democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable world. TNI envisions a world of peace, equity and democracy on a sustainable planet brought about and sustained by an informed and engaged citizenry. It carries out radical informed analysis on critical global issues, builds alliances with social movements and develops proposals for a more sustainable, just and democratic world.

 Further More:

Besides these 8 co-convenors, a number of other organisations are involved with TMP on a more ad-hoc basis. These organisations include: Platform of Filipino Migrant Organisations, Foundation University, TRUSTED Migrants, KOOP Natin, Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) and OTRADELA.