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Information will follow soon

The hearing in London will taken place in late October.  It will convene before a panel of international judges.  The panel will consider and indictment which sets out charges against UK authorities for violating the rights of migrants and refugees. 
Migrant and refugee community organisations will be invited to submit written evidence of the violations done against their rights. Groups and representatives will be invited to the London Hearing are invited to participate and provide testimonies to the panel of PPT jurors.
For further information about the hearing, please contact us at e-mail:

Shortly the co-convenors will call for:

Support - is to ask whether your organisation could register its support for the London hearing by agreeing to join our list of sponsoring organisations. A Call for endorsements is in preparation and will be circulated shortly.

Evidence - relating to the charges set out in the indictment and share your experiences.  Indictment will be publishes soon

Date: late October (soon to be confirmed)
Place: London (soon to be confirmed)
Theme: Immigration and Labour policy and impacts on conditions of work on migrants and refugees in the UK