Thank you for your solidarity during the PPT Session in London putting the Hostile environment on trial" 
Evidences were presented on the working  and living conditions of migrants and refugees living and working in United Kingdom and other countries in Europe.

We would like to thank everyone. Your contribution towards preparation of  the session in London made it possible for the working group to organise the hearing. 

The hearing was just the beginning of the process where we seek to bring visibility to the systemic character and systematic scale of the human rights violations of migrant and refugee peoples, specifically in the policies and measures adopted to manage migration in United Kingdom and other countries in Europe. Currently we are preparing the report of the hearing, as soon as we have all the evidences submitted during the hearing  we will make it available on this page. 

Acknowledgement to all of you:

  • making us visible in the social networks,
  • registering the activities by making photos and  videos,
  • cooked delicious meals,
  • supported us with logistics,
  • the Permanent Peoples Tribunal and the Judges.

Thank you for the financial support that was given by different organisations that was very instrumental. Thank you to the Friends House who supported as well with the venue and Waling Waling for the food of the organizers and participants.

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