Declaration of Rabat following the seminar “On the road to the 2017 and 2018 GFMDs and the Global Compact on Migration”

Rabat on May 13th and 14th 2017

We, the associations, NGOs, trade unions and organizations defending the rights of migrants, participating in the seminar “On the road to the GFMD 2017 and 2018 and the Global Compact on Migration”, co-organized by the Euro-Moroccan Platform Migration Development Citizenship Democracy and the FMAS in Rabat on May 13th and 14th 2017,

We note that:

I. Immigration has played, plays and will play an essential role in economic growth and poverty reduction throughout the world;

II. Immigration is a source of wealth both for host countries and for countries of origin and represents a good investment in human capital;

III. Millions of migrants throughout the world are suering rst from the consequences of economic crises, which contributes to increasing the injustices they already suer;

IV. The economic model which dominates the world and which privileges a minority through the exploitation of the masses is in permanent crisis;

V. In many countries, racism has been normalized, discrimination has been rooted and rejection and exclusion are trivialized;

VI. Migrants are the scapegoats to justify political failures, economic crises and social tensions;

VII. Wealthy countries continue to refuse to sign the Convention for the Protection of Migrants and their families;

VIII. Although the framework for discussion and debate between governments and migrants is an important tool for improving dialogue but it remains insucient because of its non-binding nature.

We are convinced that:

I. Broader and more equitable dialogue between governments and civil society would have greater impact;

II. Stronger focus on migration issues in SDGs would have tangible results;

III. Direct involvement of migrants in policies aecting them would be more ecient;

IV. Reliable and eective mechanisms to meet the needs of migrants in great distress

would be more appropriate.

We recommend within the general framework of government policies and programs:

I. To intensify dialogue and collaboration between associations, trade unions and migrant rights NGOs and institutions in charge of migration policies;

II. To take concrete measures in all countries to enable migrants to enjoy the same economic, social and political rights as nationals;

III. To promote the role of – male ánd female – migrants in the development of countries of origin, transit and destiny;

IV. To ght eectively against racism, all forms of discrimination, exclusion and marginalization of migrant and migrant workers;

V. To pay special attention to migrant women and “unaccompanied minor children”;

VI. To be rmly engaged in the ght against human tracking in general and women tracking particularly;

VII. To ensure respect of human rights of ALL migrants globally.


As part of the German-Moroccan co-presidency of the two ultimate GFMDs, we ask the

Moroccan government to:

I. Introduce a framework for the preparation of the 2018 GFMD to make this forum the forum for the voice of migrants;

II. Establish a framework for broad consultation of civil society around the Global Compact for Orderly, Safe and Regular Migration;

III. Become a model in this respect, respecting the rights of migrants, regulating all situations without conditions, facilitating the creation of migrant associations and establishing a democratic framework for consultation between Moroccans of the world.

During this seminar, the four thematic workshops on Migration and Governance, Migration and Development, Racism and Discrimination and the Global Compact on Migration have led to those clear and achievable demands.